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Creative Reuse Lesson Plan Week 10 Grade  2-5

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Filler Lesson: Shading and Visual Textures

Cost per student: $.01

Materials: Half sheet copies of line drawings on reused copy paper (I copied pages from a  generic monster coloring book I got for 10 cents at the Goodwill by the pound outlet), colored pencils, pencils, tiny scrap papers for practice

Students will recognize shading techniques and visual textures in artwork, and adapt them for use in their own art.

Vocabulary: crosshatching, stippling, hatching, blending

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A amazing Whitman artist created a tessellated design and added color using only red, yellow and blue crayons.


Creative Reuse Lesson Plan Week 10 Grade K-5

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Filler Lesson: Primary Colors

Cost per student: $.01

Materials: Crayons (reds, yellows and blues – you can pick “almost” hues, too like periwinkle, marigold, magenta, turquoise etc.), paper (I used 5”x7”index cards), black markers (or black crayons).

Students will be able to identify primary colors and mix them to create secondary colors.

Vocabulary: Primary, secondary, tessellated design

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November was busy, and I wrapped up the lessons about 7 elements of art. All classes had at least 7 lessons focusing on the basic elements of art, and some had extra lessons delving into certain concepts more deeply.

My in-school volunteering hours topped 79 this month, for a total of 241 hours so far (that doesn’t include time spent gathering materials, asking for donations, writing lesson plans etc.)

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At different points during the year certain classes will miss their art lesson due to school holidays, assemblies, field trips, etc.

Every so often I take a week to catch all the classes up so I don’t have some classes trailing behind, using materials I could have finished using and put away weeks ago.  During those weeks, I devise a broad filler lesson for the classes who are completely caught up, so we can expound on a topic we have already discussed during an earlier lesson.

I will write up the plans for the other 2 filler lessons I have used so far; the important thing is that they are easy to do (stress free for me) and can be applicable to a wide age range of students.

I will eventually cycle back around to these topics so all classes will have learned about, say, warm and cool colors at some point during the year, but approaching vocabulary and concepts several different ways never hurts.


Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week   9  Grade   K-5

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Warm and Cool colors

Cost per student: $.03 to $.15 depending on variations in your materials

Materials: warm colored crayons or oil pastels (an art college in town donated a box of warm colored pastels, that inspired this lesson), cool colored watercolors (I have both individual pans and liquid watercolors I can portion into bowls), brushes, white paper (I have white scalloped edged placemats from Scrap for the kindergarteners), newspaper, water cups and water, paint samples, art books

Students will be able to identify and group warm and cool colors and understand their use in examples of artwork; create an artwork showcasing warm and cool colors.

Vocabulary: warm, cool, color, advance, recede

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