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Elements of Art: Form 2/3

Posted on: November 3, 2009

art 106Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week  8   Grade   2/3

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Cost per student: $ .30

Materials: Salt dough clay in various colors (you could use whatever air drying clay you have; it is hard to beat the cost of salt dough clay!), wire (at least 24” per child), beads, foam or paper shapes, drying racks (I found old window screens), wire cutters (just for the teacher), containers for keeping beads, shapes etc corralled.

Students will be able to explain that forms take up space and identify the use of forms in art.

Vocabulary: form, three dimensional, space, sculpture, abstract

1. Discuss the concept of form, supported by Art in Action (5th grade book) pages 84-96 (or obviously whatever book you have handy). Talk about how form and space are related, and a form taking up three dimensional space is called a sculpture. Have the kids use their hands to create forms, like maybe a spider, a bowl, a roof, a rabbit, etc.

2. Point out that sculptures can be representative of things in the real world or abstract. We are going to use a variety of materials to make a mostly abstract sculpture. Show the kids each material and go over the proper use of each item.

3. I typed up a “recipe” for making a sculpture, with minimum and maximum limits on materials. See the picture; I made a copy for each table to help kids remember. For example, everyone needs to use at least three but not more than 6 pieces of wire.

4. Have them choose salt dough clay and mold it into a base for the wires. They can impale the foam shapes on the wire, and slide on beads, or mush the beads into the clay. Show them how to wrap wire around a pencil to get a curve, or bed it against a ruler or desk to get a sharp angle.

5. Let the sculptures dry for about a week. Once the clay sets the wire etc. will be held fast. I am going to send them home with their parents the last week of November during conferences; I picture many sad kids dropping their sculptures otherwise.

Reflections and feedback: Kids could also use the materials to make other kinds of sculptures; I just want to limit them somewhat since they all have about a golf ball sized ball of clay to work with.

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