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Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Third Grade: Measurement

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Rainbow Crayons by the Ounce!

Cost per student: $.20 (this includes the cost of the scales and muffin tins)

Materials: a handful of old crayons per student (broken is fine and actually preferred; in past experiences I offer to clean out the crayon tubs from different classrooms and teachers get a clean tub, I get the broken crayons I need!), old muffin tins (for crafts not baking), spring scales (you can also use balances and a mass set for this, adjust as needed), old disposable cups (lightweight, like Solo or Dixie – I use the ones I store markers in), crayon recipe chart (see photo), oven

Students will create a beautiful rainbow crayon for rubbings and large drawings while following a “recipe” involving weight and color.

Elements of art: color, form

Vocabulary: weight, primary, secondary, warm, cool

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