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Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Third Grade: Measurement

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Rainbow Crayons by the Ounce!

Cost per student: $.20 (this includes the cost of the scales and muffin tins)

Materials: a handful of old crayons per student (broken is fine and actually preferred; in past experiences I offer to clean out the crayon tubs from different classrooms and teachers get a clean tub, I get the broken crayons I need!), old muffin tins (for crafts not baking), spring scales (you can also use balances and a mass set for this, adjust as needed), old disposable cups (lightweight, like Solo or Dixie – I use the ones I store markers in), crayon recipe chart (see photo), oven

Students will create a beautiful rainbow crayon for rubbings and large drawings while following a “recipe” involving weight and color.

Elements of art: color, form

Vocabulary: weight, primary, secondary, warm, cool

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Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week   9  Grade   K-5

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Warm and Cool colors

Cost per student: $.03 to $.15 depending on variations in your materials

Materials: warm colored crayons or oil pastels (an art college in town donated a box of warm colored pastels, that inspired this lesson), cool colored watercolors (I have both individual pans and liquid watercolors I can portion into bowls), brushes, white paper (I have white scalloped edged placemats from Scrap for the kindergarteners), newspaper, water cups and water, paint samples, art books

Students will be able to identify and group warm and cool colors and understand their use in examples of artwork; create an artwork showcasing warm and cool colors.

Vocabulary: warm, cool, color, advance, recede

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