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Me: 29 year old, Portland based former third grade teacher, currently housewifing it up. Wanted to get back in the classroom; no jobs for a motivated lady like me. So I decided to give a gift to a pretty cool school; a free full time art teacher for a year. SCRAP provides the materials and everybody wins.

Contact me if you are interested in creative reuse, donating supplies or sharing this project with the media.

Please note:

I specify how much it costs to teach each lesson, per student. I am assuming that if you are teaching somewhere, you will have access to the following things, or could borrow them for free from another teacher, etc.

-Paper (even if is one sided pre copied-on, pulled out of the recycle bin at Kinkos, it doesn’t have to be Crane watermarked or anything. Everyone has access to free paper.)

-Scissors -even 10 pairs for a class of 24 kids would do, since it’s usually just a few cuts, unless you’re teaching Japanese paper cutting or something.

-Pencils  (again, just look in the piles the custodian sweeps up at the end of the day, you could find 3 pencils easy, and if you bribe the custodian with tasty treats he/she might set those pencils aside for you… instant class set!)

-Markers or crayons, nothing fancy, plus you technically only need like 50 of them, not every kid needs their own box.  Mmmm, classroom communism.

-Rulers or even just manila folders cut to make straightedges.

That’s it. All other materials are factored into the cost per student.


4 Responses to "About"

Yo Piehl,
Bookwoman, Claire, Bobby C, Sandra D and Sally and I are checking out your blog today- very awesome!

Sally says “do a movie and you can teach the whole class!”

Hi there. I was very excited to see my daughter’s art work displayed at the Woodstock Library. And want to thank you for donating your time to the kids. I feel art is very important to the kids and my daughter especially. It is her favorite subject. At our house we recycle just about everything so If you ever egg cartons or toilet paper rolls we have tons! I let the kids build things with them.
thanks again

Keri, this is such an awesome site. I had no idea you had this.
Great job!


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