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Elements of Art: Texture K/1

Posted on: September 27, 2009

art 023A framed piece of kindergarten texture art.

A framed piece of kindergarten texture art.

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week  4   Grade  K/1

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Elements of Art: Texture

Cost per student: $.03

Materials: thick crayons sans wrappers, lots of textured objects (suggestions include mesh onion bags, wall paper samples, upholstery samples, lace, sandpaper, tiles, etc), thin paper (like copy weight, not construction paper)

Students will be able to understand the appearance/use of texture in artworks and create the illusion of texture in their own art.

Vocabulary: texture, real, illusion, surface

1. In the general meeting area, gather students and hand out a small textured item to each child. Ask them what they might guess all the items have in common. I would be pretty surprised if kindergarteners figured this out; you may just need to tell them after several guesses. Use the term texture; note that it is touchable variations on different surfaces. Ask kids to provide some words for their texture samples.

2. Use some artwork examples (I am using Art in Action p. 22-27) to discuss the illusion of texture (it all feels like paper, but looks smooth, rough, pointy, rounded, etc). Explain that we will create the illusion of texture using real textured items.

3. Provide each table with a bin or two of textured materials and the unwrapped crayons. Show the students how to place a piece of material under their papers and use the flat side of the crayons to rub back and forth; the texture will appear! Now switch the material and maybe the color of the crayon and try something different.

4. I am guessing students will want to create more than 1 piece of artwork each since it is an easy technique to master; make sure you have extra paper! I have some funny leftover negative cutouts from stars and circles someone donated to Scrap; I will match up the student’s art with the right color of cutout for a frame and get their art work back to them after I use a glue stick to attach the construction paper frame. Of course, it’s purely optional.

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2 Responses to "Elements of Art: Texture K/1"

Thanks! I love the way you break down the lesson. I thought it would be easy to find textured things, but it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought. (I’m a volunteer art teacher for my daughter’s class.)

Don’t forget the bottom of everyone’s shoes! If you have a goodwill outlet near by (we call ours The Bins) 10 minutes of searching and $5 will provide every textured thing you’d ever want. Other ideas include mesh fruit and veggie bags, popped bubble wrap, sand paper, white glue designs drawn on cardstock and left to dry (I have had kids draw a shape, trace it in white glue, let it dry, and then make crayon rubbings of it) vinyl flooring samples, fake leaves as well as real leaves, scraps of lace, and the printing side of a rubber stamp!

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