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November was busy, and I wrapped up the lessons about 7 elements of art. All classes had at least 7 lessons focusing on the basic elements of art, and some had extra lessons delving into certain concepts more deeply.

My in-school volunteering hours topped 79 this month, for a total of 241 hours so far (that doesn’t include time spent gathering materials, asking for donations, writing lesson plans etc.)

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During the first week of class, the second, third, fourth and fifth graders answered a written survey about their opinions and ideas about art. Here are some results I found interesting:

Kids who say they are Often or Always good at art (as opposed to sometimes or never):

2nd grade: 50%

3rd grade: 50%

4th grade: 36%

5th grade: 61%

Total percentage of students who say they Often or Always like to make new things out of old materials:

57% of students in grades 2-5.

I am hoping that this year of art brings those numbers up a little. I intend to repeat this survey at Winter Break and right before the last week of school in May.

I scoured the web for basic art assessments but only came up with rubrics for assessing art portfolios…

During my first visit into each classroom I will be doing basic assessments, whole group with the K/1 crowd and then written (xeroxed onto one sided “mistake” copies, of course) with the 2/3 and 4/5 graders. I will do this again at the end of the 1st trimester and then maybe choose to do it during the other 2 trimesters. I figure this might help SCRAP be able to show how this creative reuse curriculum could make a difference in a school that hasn’t had art classes in a long time (that’s not to say the teachers don’t teach art at all, but in terms of some sort of regular standard art education it’s been patchy).  I’ll post the results sometime in the future.

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