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Assessment Results

Posted on: September 23, 2009

During the first week of class, the second, third, fourth and fifth graders answered a written survey about their opinions and ideas about art. Here are some results I found interesting:

Kids who say they are Often or Always good at art (as opposed to sometimes or never):

2nd grade: 50%

3rd grade: 50%

4th grade: 36%

5th grade: 61%

Total percentage of students who say they Often or Always like to make new things out of old materials:

57% of students in grades 2-5.

I am hoping that this year of art brings those numbers up a little. I intend to repeat this survey at Winter Break and right before the last week of school in May.


2 Responses to "Assessment Results"

That’s interesting – I knew the answers would go down as the kids got older, but what happens in 5th grade where it jumps way back up?

Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about either. Well, good for the 5th graders and their art confidence! I am interested in what the winter survey will show in terms of any changes.

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