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I have been getting behind on my lesson plan posting – this pace is exhausting, but I have no one but myself to blame.

Many more lesson plans to come; if you are a new visitor to this blog come back in early March for fun and interesting creative reuse ideas! -K


Note: Photos will not accompany this lesson plan, due to the fact that some jerk stole my camera as I was working on a display in the public library today.  Sorry.

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Second grade: Letter Writing

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Valentine Cards

Cost per student: $.07

Materials: Scissors, glue sticks, white glue, hole punches. Everything is red, white, pink, and purple or a variation thereof: paper, paper scraps, cut paper hearts, ribbon, lace and yarn scraps, glitter, glitter glue, foam pieces, markers, tracing templates, fabric, colored pencils, pens, stickers, etc.

Students will create Valentine cards in the tradition of the mid 19th century Valentine celebration – personalized, handmade and detailed.

Elements of art: shape, color, texture, value

Vocabulary: Valentine, card

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Four examples of student's animal families collages.

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         First Grade: Families

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Animal Family Paper Collage

Cost per student: $.02

Materials: Paper scraps, scissors, paper for the background (I found a stack of 6”x7” paper someone was going to throw out), glue (I am using the the glue system with the paintbrushes but glue sticks would work too), animal family pictures or book

Students will create a collage depicting an animal parent and baby.

Elements of art: shape, color

Vocabulary: family, parent, baby, collage

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Everything is rolling right along! In January, I worked 120 hours at the school for a total of 412 hours at school and about 520 hours total. It is a lot more work to write, set up and teach 5 separate lessons a week instead of the 3 I was doing before, but it makes so much sense in terms of supporting the curriculum at each grade level and the kids are really enjoying it.

I am beginning to plan a Family Art Night for mid May, so that will be a good cap to a year well spent. On 2/17 I am going to miss a class for the first time due to speaking about creative reuse at a conference of Head Start teachers, and on 3/15 I will miss the whole day since I am presenting at the Oregon Green Schools conference all day. I am excited to share what I am doing and to learn from all the other teachers who will be there.


Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Kindergarten: Plants

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Recycled Bits Flower Collage

Cost per student: $.05

Materials: lots of tiny scrappy bits (like straw pieces, beads, buttons, plastic doohickeys, paper clips, dried beans, old pen caps, yarn bits, puzzle pieces, etc), stiff backing (I am using mat board corner samples cut into 2.5”x7” rectangles), bottles of white glue, pencils, real or faux examples of flowers

Students will create a collage showing basic parts of a flower and plant.

Elements of art: texture, shape

Vocabulary: petals, pistil, stamen, stem, leaf, collage

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Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         4/5 Grade: Colonial America

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10


Cost per student: $.03

Materials: Large paper in 2 contrasting colors (12”x18”), scissors, glue sticks, light source (I commandeered old overhead projectors from the storage closet), pencils, push pins or tape.

Optional: paper strips, colored writing utensils

Students will trace and cut silhouettes of themselves and classmates, preserving their image in a simple and timeless way.

Elements of art: shape, line, space

Vocabulary: silhouette, profile

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