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Kindergarten: Recycled Bits Flower Collage

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Kindergarten: Plants

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Recycled Bits Flower Collage

Cost per student: $.05

Materials: lots of tiny scrappy bits (like straw pieces, beads, buttons, plastic doohickeys, paper clips, dried beans, old pen caps, yarn bits, puzzle pieces, etc), stiff backing (I am using mat board corner samples cut into 2.5”x7” rectangles), bottles of white glue, pencils, real or faux examples of flowers

Students will create a collage showing basic parts of a flower and plant.

Elements of art: texture, shape

Vocabulary: petals, pistil, stamen, stem, leaf, collage

1. I have a book called Flowers Bloom that very simply explains the science of a flower and has lots of nice full color photos. I suggest you find a similar reference to begin your lesson. Gather the students and read the book (or otherwise introduce the concept of a flower and how it is part of a plant). Look at some real or faux flowers and identify the parts you see.

2. With the students gathered around (I have worked with them on the concept that some form a small, seated semicircle around me and the other stand and peek over the seated kid’s heads – this works well and everyone can see up close), show a tray of recycled objects and a piece of backer board. Show how you can find objects to approximate the parts of a flower; lay them into place. Long pieces for the stem, shorter pieces at an angle to look like leaves coming off the stem, pieces arranged in rays at the top of the stem to look like the petals, tiny pieces in the center to look like the pistils and/or stamen. Keep stopping to ask the students if it looks like a complete flower; let them know it needs to have all the parts before you will give them glue.

3. When your example is complete, show how you can move the pieces off a few at a time, apply a line of glue with the tip of the bottle touching the backer board, and replace the parts right on top of your glue lines. Work all along your flower until all parts are glued.

4. Back at their tables, have the student choose a piece of backer board and write their name on the back side in pencil. At this point, the kindergarteners are pretty good at legibly writing their names and I feel they can always use the practice. Flip the board over, and have the students arrange collage bits to approximate flowers.

5. Have them raise their hands to show they’re ready for glue; that way you can do a quick visual check and have them add anything they’ve left out. Let the projects dry and display as needed!


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