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First Grade: Animal Family Collage

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Four examples of student's animal families collages.

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         First Grade: Families

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Animal Family Paper Collage

Cost per student: $.02

Materials: Paper scraps, scissors, paper for the background (I found a stack of 6”x7” paper someone was going to throw out), glue (I am using the the glue system with the paintbrushes but glue sticks would work too), animal family pictures or book

Students will create a collage depicting an animal parent and baby.

Elements of art: shape, color

Vocabulary: family, parent, baby, collage

  1. I read portions of a book called Animal Families to the kids. It’s a nonfiction book with great photos and captions showing similarities and differences between human and animal families. We noticed how most baby animals look like smaller versions of the grown up animals.
  2. Each student chose a piece of 6”x7” backer paper and put their name on the back in pencil. I showed them how they might choose a piece of paper and cut a shape out of it to begin making an animal’s body. If you can work quickly, go through the process of building a collage, cutting all your pieces and putting them in place to develop a plan.
  3. Older kids might be able to handle cutting a few pieces, then gluing, cutting then gluing, but I find it works better with the younger kids to do all of the cutting first, then gluing the pieces down all at once. They can always go back and cut more pieces for details, but this helps keep the gluing/peeling of wrongly glued shapes to a minimum.
  4. Kids raised their hands when they were ready for glue. I bought the jars with a paintbrush over and they lifted each piece and glued it down. They could choose to add habitat details, like plant life, clouds, etc.

Note: You might find it helpful to go over the concept of how to break down an animal into shapes (like an oval for the torso, thin rectangles for legs, etc) but I just let the kids go at it and their shapes were very innovative and everyone felt like they had success.


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