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Second Grade: Envelopes

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Finished folded envelopes!

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan     Second Grade: Letter Writing

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Custom Chalk Envelopes

Cost per student: $.03

Materials: Chalk pastels, clean 8.5”x11” paper, used copy paper, paper towels (1/2 sheet per kid), envelope template, glue sticks or glue dots, scissors.

Optional: I am using an envelope die-cut template for an Accucut die-cut machine, so that will take the place of the scissors and template. It is on loan from SCRAP.

Students will create their own fancy envelopes using chalk pastels.

Elements of art: color, shape, form

Vocabulary: envelope, perforations, blending, abstract

1. Gather the students together and examine a commercially made envelope. Gently pull one apart to look at the shape and see how it was folded together. Ask students to think of different papers they could use to make an envelope (calendar pages, magazines, junk mail, posters, art papers, coloring book pages etc.)

2. Give each student a piece of paper towel, access to chalk pastels, clean copy paper, and a used piece of copy paper. Show them how they can color along the edge of the used paper, and then wrap the paper towel around their pointer finger to sweep the color off the edge of the used paper onto their envelope paper. It will leave a crisp line all along the edge. Experiment with tearing the paper, or cutting it into curves or zig zags, and then applying/rubbing the chalk over the edge.

3. When kids are ready, I will have them come over to me with the Accucut machine. I will line up their paper on the die, and then let them turn the crank to cut out the envelope shape. Show them how to fold it along the perforations, and then I will have them use a glue dot on either side to hold it shut. They can tape the top flap down when they are ready to mail something in it.

4. Have them make a few envelopes, experimenting with abstract designs using chalk, then giving form to their envelopes via scissors and a template or a envelope die.

5. Write an address on the front and get ready to send some fancy letters! Fix spray isn’t needed, since a hazy effect is part of this, plus if it really goes through the mail, it may get a little smudgy no matter what.


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