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Update 11/27/09

Posted on: November 26, 2009

November was busy, and I wrapped up the lessons about 7 elements of art. All classes had at least 7 lessons focusing on the basic elements of art, and some had extra lessons delving into certain concepts more deeply.

My in-school volunteering hours topped 79 this month, for a total of 241 hours so far (that doesn’t include time spent gathering materials, asking for donations, writing lesson plans etc.)

I am currently going through the second -fifth grade art assessments, so I can compare them with the same assessments the students filled out in the beginning of the year. However, one thing is emerging clearly: in the first round of assessments, one student named one element of art. In this more recent round, about 50% of kids can name one element, with about 30% naming 3 or more. It’s not a rote thing I drill into them, so I think they’ve internalized it in terms of the projects we’ve made that focus on each element as the main concept each week.  I am still having tons of fun, and the students are, too.


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Hey Keri,

Did you know that Mental Floss has a thrice-weekly column about art and artists? It’s called Feel Art Again and they have archives. The latest is about a sand artist, Kseniya Simonova, who you may have seen on Youtube…also Gustav Klimt. I looked a bit at the archives and already found a collaborative project I want to try. Check it out.

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