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Week 9 Update

Posted on: November 8, 2009

So far, so good.  I’d like to thank Georgie’s clay and Art Media on 82nd in Portland for donating clay for projects later in the year, and the Mill End Store for donating several yards of fabric so we can work on a quilt.

My current total number of hours spent volunteering (just time spent in the school, not gathering materials, writing lesson plans at home or anything else): 162 hours, as of 10/31/09

I looked at all the year long curriculum plans across all the grade levels, made lists of potential unit topics for the second trimester, and have asked each teacher to turn in their top choices this week. I’m trying to piggyback art onto another topic to support the content the teachers are already teaching in their classrooms.  Then I can start making plans and collecting materials for the next chunk of the school year.

Students and staff continue to be excited about art and supportive of the program I’m cobbling together, so it’s great to feel like it’s “working”. I will do a second assessment soon, so I can see what ideas have changed or blossomed since the beginning of the year.

Also, the school has Student Recognition assemblies several times during the year, and they

art 092

I recognized 4 students for their creativity; I look forward to recognizing many more.

allowed me to create and distribute a few special art awards recognizing specific students and their creativity. The kids I chose to receive the certificates seemed very pleased, and many students expressed hope that maybe they could be chosen next time!


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