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Second Grade: Custom Letterhead

Posted on: January 12, 2010

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         Second grade: Letter Writing

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Custom Letterhead

Cost per student: $.05, assuming you have access to free copies at your workplace.

Materials: 1 sheet of clean white copy paper for each student, black writing utensils, copies of different font alphabets, 5 sheets of one-side-used copy paper for each student.

Optional: alphabet rubber stamps and black ink pads

Students will design their own letterhead master, incorporating their name and using basic principles of design.

Elements of art: line, shape, space, value

Vocabulary: design, letterhead, master, copy

1. Show the students some examples of letterhead stationery (the school has some in the office, for example). Ask the students why people might want to have their own personal stationery. What does the design of the stationery communicate (serious, funny, important, scientific, etc.)?

2. Show them how to use the basic tools: slide the pages of alphabet fonts underneath the master (the page that is going to get copied) and trace the letters to spell your name, or optionally use rubber stamps and black ink stamp pads for the same effect.

Use the different black markers, crayons, pens etc. to add details, doodles and designs to make it interesting.

3. I feel it would be very helpful to show them some examples of letterhead with the name too crammed together, letters too far apart, lines too thick, too sparse, etc. Show them some “bad” examples you’ve made and have them identify the problem. This should eliminate most issues kids might have with their design. Talk about what makes a design pleasant to look at versus jarring.

4. Have students create their master copy; you might demonstrate how even though they’re limited to black and white, they can change the value by shading in grey.

5. Use their master copy to create several (I am making each student 5) copies of their letterhead for use in writing letters (the second grade has a little postal service going on, so they will be eager to use it with the system the teachers have put in place). I am using recycled paper that has already been copied on one side to cut down on waste, as there about 55 second graders and it would use too much new paper.


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