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First Grade: Dual Portrait

Posted on: January 7, 2010

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan         First Grade: Families

Written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP /Whitman ES 2009-10

Two of us: A dual portrait

Cost per student: $.07

Materials: Newspaper, black and white tempera, palettes, paintbrushes, water and containers, patterned paper (for interest – you could use plain, or paper you spattered or hand patterned in an earlier lesson. I have “marbled” construction paper from Scrap), pencils, wet rags for clean up.

Students will create a portrait of themselves alongside another family member/relative to highlight a valued relationship.

Elements of art: value, shape, line

Vocabulary: portrait, relative

1. Gather students and show them some examples of family portraits. Mention that the minimum number of people needed to make a family is 2, but many families include many more relatives. Have students name some various relatives; you could chart out the relationships on a mini family tree, if you want.

2. Prep tables by laying down newspaper, putting about a quarter sized dab of black and white paint in a palette for each student (I like each child to have their own so they don’t have to deal with other kids mixing up paint), and water and a brush at each seat. The paper I have is different colors, so I will have students choose their own sheet of paper and put their name on the back with a pencil.

3. Have students think of a family member they particularly enjoy spending time with; on their paper, have them sketch themselves next to that family member. Work on filling up a majority of the space on the page. Kids can do full body sketches or just work from the shoulders up.

4. Give them some refreshers on using paint and instruct them to work right on top of their pencil lines. Talk about using black and white and then mixing it on the palette to get different greys. Keep an eye on kids who tend to “overwork” – help them finish up before the whole page gets worked into a grey blob. Display with pride!


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