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Elements of Art: Form K/1

Posted on: November 3, 2009

art 095Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week  8   Grade   K/1

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Elements of Art: Form

Cost per student: $ .08

Materials: one shoulder pad and pipe cleaner per kid, foam or paper shapes, bottles of glue, tempera paints in various colors, trays for paints, paint applicators (I have sponge on a stick Betadine applicators unused from the hospital), newspaper or plastic covering for the tables, clean wet rags for clean up

Students will be able to explain that forms take up space and identify the use of forms in art.

Vocabulary: form, three dimensional, space, sculpture

1. Talk to kids about the word form. Ask if art needs to be flat like a painting or drawing, or if art could be something else. Refer to Art in Action pages 88-92.

Have students volunteer to stand up and form their bodies into different shapes: demonstrate this yourself (i.e., you and another student make a bridge, or puff up and make yourself into a ball, etc). If you have time, you could stack blocks or something to create a sculpture temporarily.

2. Show them the shoulder pad and pipe cleaner and talk about where the materials came from and how they will use form to turn them into a sculpture, specifically, one that looks like a butterfly or winged insect.

3. Show the kids how to fold a pipe cleaner in half. Then pinch the shoulder pad in half to create the look of wings. Have a student pinch a shoulder pad while you twist on the pipe cleaner to make the “body” and antennae. They will probably need to help each other; four hands will work better than 2. Have them attach a sticky label with their name to the back of their butterfly.

4. At their tables, lay their formed sculptures label side down and then use the sponge applicators to dab colors on the wings. Older students might want to work on symmetry but I think they might have fun just messing around with dabbing on the paint.

5. Have them choose a few shapes to define the body or head (or both) of their insect. Use glue to attach these parts. Set the butterfly sculptures aside flat to dry.

Reflections and feedback: With older kids, shoulder pads and pipe cleaners could be turned into a myriad of things but I think this will be enough to get the idea across with the kinders; modify for your own group.

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