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Elements of Art: Space 2/3

Posted on: October 27, 2009


Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week   7  Grade  2/3

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Element of art: Space

Cost per student: $ .15

Materials: oil pastels, discarded laminate (the laminating machine always produces plastic waste; the teachers save it for me and I cut it to size; you could also use old transparencies or page protectors), cardstock (I am using old manila folders), stapler.

Prep: staple 2 layers of laminate to a piece of cardstock along the top, like a flip chart.

Students will be able to recognize the use of space in a work of art, and create a piece of art work focused on space as an attribute.

Vocabulary: space, positive, negative, depth, dimension, foreground, middle ground, background, landscape

1. Examine the art on pages 58-59 of Art in Action as a group.  Ask if students can tell which parts of the photos or paintings are closer, and which are farther away. Discuss the concept of space (depth and dimensions). Examine another piece of art that is easy to see the negative and positive space.  Talk about landscapes, which are broad vistas as opposed to close ups of people or objects.

2. Hand each kid a cardstock/clear laminate combo and have them flip to the back layer, which is the cardstock. Talk about how that layer will be the background, and that they should use oil pastels to draw the things that would be farthest away from the observers such as weather, landforms, distant bodies of water, etc.

3. Have them lay down the middle piece, which is clear laminate, and use oil pastel to fill in the middle ground, which might be closer landforms, plant life, buildings, etc.

4. Lay down the top piece and add people and animals, and anything else that makes sense. Get the kids to understand each layer is closer to the viewer and should contain more detail with each layer.

5. Go back and fill in areas and blend the oil pastels. Display with all the layers laying flat; I might actually staple them shut and then hand them back to the students for maximum visual impact and to keep the kids from rubbing of the oil pastel on the intermediate layers.

Reflections and feedback:

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