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Week 4, lessons learned (by me)

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I found that having the K/1 kids paint and the 4/5 kids use paint during the same week is not a good idea. It makes so many “dishes” to wash between visiting each class! I will modify my future lessons so paint is only used by one of the three groupings each week. I spent 45 minutes after school catching up on all the rinsing of little palettes.

Bonus scrappy tip: the operating room scrub nurse sent my husband home with 12 free sterile towels, they are about the size of cloth napkins and will make wonderful clothes for cleaning off painty little hands! They usually just throw them out if they don’t get used, for some reason.


2 Responses to "Week 4, lessons learned (by me)"

I HATED rinsing paint trays while I was working at the preschool. Especially because I was bending over a miniature sink to do it. Could your 4/5 kids be responsible for washing out their own materials? (Ooooh, responsibility….)

The towels sound great! Way better than paper towels!

Since there is only one sink in the room, I don’t think 26 10 year olds splashing around with stainy paint would be in my own best interest… if I could assign a few responsible kids to do it, that might work. Right now I have them all toss their palettes into a big bucket of soapy water where it all pretty much soaks off, then I just dump them all in the sink and it just takes a few minutes with a sponge to clean them all off.

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