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Elements of Art: Shape K/1

Posted on: August 26, 2009

Creative Reuse Lesson Plan   Week 3    Grade  K/1

1st Trimester Whitman ES 2009-2010  written by Keri Piehl for SCRAP

Elements of Art: Shape

Cost per student: $.03

Materials: Baby food jar glue system, 8”x 11” paper, lots of small paper bits (cut up wall paper samples, magazine photos, old calendar and brochure images, etc – you cut them up into geometric and free form shapes ahead of time), 6” pre-cut shape examples

Students will be able to: identify shapes in artwork, and create their own composition using shapes.

Vocabulary: Shape, geometric, free-form

1. Gather the kids in a group and ask them to tell you what a shape is; you will probably get examples (triangle, circle, etc.). Go ahead and write these down on the board but look for a definition. Depending on your group, you may need to offer up the suggestion that a shape has height and width but could have any edges you can dream up. Maybe make a T-chart with geometric and free form shapes and hand out some examples of geometric and free form shapes. After placing some examples by taping them onto your T-chart, have the kids see if they can add them, too.

2. Check out pages 9, 10, and 11 in Art in Action and look for shapes in the art work examples.

3. Show them the shape papers you have; explain that they will make their own shape filled artwork. (I would have them sorted in shallow pans of some sort; you can put a few pans at each table so kids can poke through the selection and find ones they like. You might want to say “Choose 3 shapes to start” so there isn’t massive grabbing, again, this depends on your class but since I am starting out the year with many kindergarteners who have never been to any sort of school/daycare, I am planning for craziness). Show how you can place the shapes in different ways to give your artwork different appeal.

4. Have them gather around you while you demonstrate the glue system. I would uncap a glue jar and put 2 brushes in it. Show how you would wipe the brush against the jar lip, then “paint” the glue onto the paper, put the brush back, and then attach the shape.

5. Send them back to work at their seats where their papers with their names on them are waiting; give for time to look through the shapes and make their art.  Wander around spouting comments such as “Wow, I like how you layered all your shapes” and “Interesting, your all of your shapes on the page look like a ______ to me, do you see it?”. Don’t forget to store the gluey brushes in water during cleanup or you’ll be sorry. J

Reflections and feedback: See the glue system explanation on the blog.

You could easily scale this up for older kids, have them cut up their own free form and geometric shapes, and have them create recognizable images from shapes (bird, flower, landscape, people etc..

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