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Art at Whitman ES 2009-2010

Posted on: August 11, 2009

Here’s the project: give a school an art program that otherwise wouldn’t have one.  After deciding to go back to teaching and not finding what I was looking for (a third grade position, I know, I’m so ridiculous), I figured I’d invent a teaching job. Lori Clark, principal at Whitman ES in Portland, OR, was slightly surprised and very encouraging when I offered her a free certified teacher to teach art this year, all materials supplied.  SCRAP (www.scrapaction.org) has delightfully offered to donate all the supplies so I can write a basic curriculum and teach art to 370 kiddos.

This blog will document my efforts, material costs, student, teacher and parent response, and lesson plans so you too can teach art on the cheap, if that’s not usually your forte.


1 Response to "Art at Whitman ES 2009-2010"

Teaching art is definitely not my strong suit! I will be coming here often for tons of ideas. And of course I will be amazed at the cheapness of it all.

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